Evaluating A Toastmasters Speech Online

Evaluations are critical to the development of a speaker. More broadly, speech evaluations serve as a continuous feedback mechanism for Toastmasters clubs. When given correctly, the speaker learns about what they did well and where they can improve. Evaluations have become more difficult since we have migrated to online meetings. It is challenging to read body language and evaluators can be easily distracted by things in their home or on the computer.

Note: Some of the information following is an excerpt from David Carr over at WordPress 4 Toastmasters.

Thanks to Pathways, we now have digital versions of evaluation forms we can access for our speech projects. The only trouble is they are PDFs, and emailing PDFs back and forth gets awkward in a hurry.

An evaluation form as it appears in the speaker’s email.

When you create your agenda in WordPress for Toastmasters, and the member records their path and project in the system, the evaluator can click a link on the agenda to be taken to a web-based version of the evaluation form that can be completed online. Once submitted, the evaluation is emailed to the speaker and also recorded as part of the member’s profile for later review.

Link to the web-based evaluation form

Once the form is clicked, a link will open to input your evaluation for the speaker.

Speech evaluation details

Information about the speech is presented, and you can enter in where you thought the speaker excelled, and where you see room for improvement.

Evaluation input form

Once you’ve completed your evaluation, click on submit.

Submission form

The website automatically tracks evaluations and speakers based on the calendar data. If you need to send a late evaluation, you can simply click on the name of the person to submit a previous evaluation. If you’d like to request an evaluation, scroll up to the top of the site. Remember, you can request an evaluation for a speech or a role you served in for a previous meeting.

Request an evalutation

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