Winter Updates For The Choice Toastmasters

Fellow Toastmasters,

Winter is coming. Winter is here! Have no fear, as spring is less than two months away. We’ll be able to put away our overcoats and hot beverages (perhaps not all hot beverages), in exchange for shorts and yard work. We’ve had a unique year as a club, and I am excited for what the next few months will bring to The Choice. I hope you get as much from our public speaking group as I do.

I’m excited to announce two new members to our club, Adam Chandler and Whitney Anderson! This brings our active membership to 10. We are making progress to our goal of 20 total members. As a reminder, here are a list of our current officers.

  • Michael Hernandez – VPE
  • Edith Miller – VPM
  • Pleshette Grant – VPPR
  • Donna Newton – Secretary
  • Daniel – Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, President

Recall that there is an award for every guest or member brought into our group. See the details of our 2021 Circle of Excellence here:

2021 Circle of Excellence!

Keep up the great work!

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